Baby Yoga Training Courses with Megan

An introduction to our unique approach to baby yoga and massage

Bibble&Bubble provide unique baby yoga & massage training developed by Megan thanks to her extensive experience.

Not only is it important that we create a safe and secure environment for parents and babies, but provide support to parents with our relaxed, baby-led approach to teaching and class structure.

We have a very open and warm and nurturing atmosphere which shows we care and benefits both parent & baby.

Baby yoga brings so much fun and enjoyment to parents and babies and encourages a bond to grow as a unit. We live in a world full of noise and stress, which can cause babies to feel over stimulated which is why our classes are calm and soothing.

It is important to understand what babies are telling us, which is often difficult with everyday distractions. Our classes provide a special, distraction-free hour to allow parents to take the time to bond with their little ones in a unique way that a can also be practised at home.

We aim to create classes that help parents communicate and also to understand the benefit of hearing voices. Bibble&Bubble combines both verbal interaction and sequences that aid a baby’s brain development. Babies love to see smiles and facial expressions and they need these to thrive. Sometimes parents are not aware of just how important this is and it is something that is promoted in our classes. Yoga practice can especially help babies who have suffered from traumatic births and who also have developmental delay.

I am passionate about the unique ethos of Bibble&Bubble and the benefits it brings to us all. It is very important as teachers that we never judge and always welcome parents to our classes.

“Bibble&Bubble is founded upon love of people, babies and children and it’s important to show that love in every class that you teach.”

How this course will benefit you

Qualifying as a Baby Yoga and Massage Instructor will give you the tools you need to build your own business to suit you. Build your class timetable to suit you and your family and reap the rewards of supporting parents and babies in a very special time of their lives. A career as a Baby Yoga and Massage Teacher is so wonderfully rewarding; not only does it provide a fantastic work- life balance but seeing the difference you can make to parent’s everyday life in this special but often challenging time is priceless. If you are passionate about supporting parents and babies, please read on!

Online Training Course

Bibble&Bubble is pleased to offer online training programmes to become a Fully Accredited Baby Yoga and Massage Teacher. This training course will give you the tools and training to teach babies from eight weeks of age up until they are crawling. Support is available as and when throughout your online training.

Royal College of Midwives UK

Face-to-face Training Course

Megan specialises in sharing her in-depth knowledge and experience with students in her unique face-to-face training course which are accredited by The Royal Collage of Midwives. Megan is pleased to offer a variety of qualifications to suit your desired qualification including, Baby Massage, Baby Yoga & Massage and Kids Yoga.

Please email for further information on face-to-face training courses.


We are accredited by Bibble&Bubble and IPTI and our face-to-face training programs are also accredited by The Royal College of Midwifes and all our courses are recognised by IPTI insurance. 

Megan is available to offer individual support through out your training and also in your journey as a teacher.


Costs £495.00 which includes
a full course manual

Entry requirements to train with Bibble&Bubble


  • A basic knowledge of human biology and understanding of babies and their development.
  • A baby massage qualification or experience with babies and young children
  • A practice of yoga
  • An understanding of child development
  • A real passion and love for babies and children
  • A interest in the wellbeing of new parents in the postnatal period
  • A good understanding of business and great communication skills
  • Empathetic and caring

Requirements to achieve your certificate and timescales for study

  • It is important that you complete the course work with in six months of finishing your online training and to enable you to pass the course you must answer all questions at the end of each module and submit your answers for marking.
  • At the end of your online study you will be asked to submit a portfolio of work and this will consist of a five week practical course of which you must submit a video of one of the classes and you will also be asked to submit an essay and book review.
  • All course work requirements will be given to you at the end of the online training course as part of your last module.
  • Bibble&Bubble will give you an invitation to join our teachers forum for advise and clips of classes to help with your study.


How much is the online training course?

The cost is £495 which includes a full course manual.

Is the qualification officially recognised?

Yes, our online training qualification is accredited by Bibble&Bubble and IPTI.

How soon will I make my money back?

This depends on how quickly you complete the course. Please note that you will be responsible for marketing your classes to fill them so it depends on this also.

Will I make any money from this training/qualification?

As a full accredited Baby Yoga and Massage Teacher, you will be able to charge for the classes you teach.

Can I really do this?

If you are passionate about supporting new mum and babies with this unique and proven practice, yes you can!


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